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WHAT:               A community celebration, held at San Jose State University, in honor of the 5th Annual National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Guests will include San Jose City Councilman Ash Kalra. San Jose Taiko and other artists will also perform. Free food, health information and on-site HIV testing will be available.


WHERE:              San Jose State University, 7th Street Plaza (at 7th and San Salvador).


WHY:                            The threat of HIV/AIDS continues to grow in the U.S., particularly in                                                         communities of color who collectively represent 70% of the national epidemic.                                           The impact of the disease among A&PIs is alarming, though less-publicized than                                           that of Blacks and Latinos. In A&PI communities, the HIV/AIDS rate rose 34%                                           from 1999 to 2003 and another 10% since then. Moreover, HIV infection rates                                           among youth are on the rise. Between 2001 and 2006, the number of HIV                                           diagnoses among young A&PI gay men more than doubled. Despite this, over                                           two thirds of the A&PI community has never been tested for HIV.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the California State Office of AIDS, Santa Clara County had one of the top 10 highest rates for HIV and AIDS in California in 2007, where the number of people living with HIV/AIDS totaled 4,526 in the city of Santa Clara alone. The event will be located at San Jose State University in an effort to address this epidemic and engage A&PI youth in HIV/AIDS awareness and sexual health issues. This year’s theme, “Turn Compassion into Action,” encourages all Asians and Pacific Islanders to take responsibility for the health of the community by getting tested for HIV. Turn your compassion into action by breaking the silence around HIV.


WHEN:              Thursday, May 7, 2009 from 12-2 pm.


WHO:                             Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Collaborative (AHAC) of Santa Clara                                           County is a coalition of HIV prevention service providers in San Mateo and San                                           Jose counties to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Asian & Pacific Islander                                           communities.


                            This is the 3rd year the collaborative is commemorating the event in                                                         Santa Clara County. Members of AHAC include PACE Clinic, Asian Americans                                           for Community Involvement (AACI), The Billy DeFrank LGBT Community                                           Center, Song That Radio, Santa Clara County Public Health Department, Asian                                           & Pacific Islander Wellness Center.





About Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center

A&PI Wellness Center’s mission is to educate, support, empower and advocate for Asian & Pacific Islander communities, particularly A&PIs living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. With three sites in the San Francisco Bay Area and a staff fluent in 20 languages, A&PI Wellness Center delivers programs regionally, statewide, and nationally, and collaborates with community-based organizations throughout the Asia Pacific Region. For press materials or more information please visit