Regret by Sincera Fritz

About This Video

Sincera Fritz shares her first, fearful encounter with a person living with HIV. She bravely describes her personal struggle with HIV stigma and is now an HIV prevention outreach worker and powerful advocate for people living with HIV. Sincera is from Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia (one of the six US-affiliated Pacific Islander Jurisdictions).

What does this video tell us about stigma?
How can our own fear of HIV hold us back from understanding? Sincera was afraid to talk to the man on the boat because she was scared of HIV. The way Sincera overcame her fear was by learning the truth about the virus. By overcoming her fear, she is able to see people living with HIV as people and not their disease, and help those around her overcome their own fears.


Being Supportive, Staying Healthy, Women (Cis & Trans)

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