Community Spotlight: Recovery Resources

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Cleveland, Ohio: home to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, former stomping grounds of Lebron James, and the hub for Safe on the Scene, a CDC high-impact HIV prevention project focused on engaging African American men who have sex with men in comprehensive HIV services. We sat down with Ayme McCain, Associate Director of Prevention Services, to chat about the program, its community, and how our capacity-building services supported her team.   Give us an "elevator pitch" for Safe on the Scene – who does this program serve and what kind of HIV-specific work is this program doing?   Safe on the Scene is a CDC High-Impact HIV Prevention project whose purpose is to implement comprehensive HIV prevention programs to reduce morbidity, mortality, and related health disparities. This project focuses on HIV in Cuyahoga County by reducing new infections, increasing access to care, and promoting health equity. Safe on the Scene is a collaboration between Recovery Resources and Care Alliance Health Center, with Recovery Resources serving as the lead agency for this grant.   The goal of Safe on the Scene is to engage high-risk African-American males to our HIV Testing and behavioral interventions so we can reduce the high prevalence of HIV by linking...

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