Ending HIV stigma is possible, but not without you

Start out by understanding the truth, listening with compassion and empathy, and speaking out.
talk-about-hiv-because-sharing-your-story-can lighten the burden

All people are affected by HIV

All people are affected by HIV, regardless of whether or not you have it. Stigma can be prevented by being aware of how HIV affects the people and different communities you interact with. Listening with compassion and empathy, sharing your story, and being supportive of people with HIV will improve the situation.

When we have knowledge, we can transform ourselves into having understanding and compassion. Everyone living with, or at risk for HIV deserves to be treated like everyone else—with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, people living with or affected by HIV are often rejected by their families, friends, and communities.
Through education and storytelling, we at the Banyan Tree Project hope that you will be a part of creating a world that accepts people living with HIV/AIDS.

Saving Face Can’t Make You Safe

Watch and share these two videos to encourage your friends, family and community to start talking about HIV openly and to get tested.

Find an HIV test below. For more information about HIV and if you should get tested, visit the about HIV page.

Find HIV/AIDS Prevention & Service Providers

For more information on this widget, please visit AIDS.gov.

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